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    Top 5 tennis shoes for men!

    Choosing the right pair of tennis shoes will help you increase your game. By wearing the proper tennis shoes you will easily endure quick stops and starts, short sprints and all kinds of movements. The type of court you play on is also very important. When you’re playing on hard court the shoes need to Read More


    The right soccer shoes!

    The outsoles: In the game of soccer, the soccer shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment. There are so many styles, technologies and brands that makes it very difficult to choose from. The first decision that you’ll have to make is the type of field that you will play on. The type Read More


    Top 5 women’s running shoes

    Most women love working out. But to reach their full potential they have to have complementing fitting women’s sport shoes. This is why we created a top 5 women’s running shoes. The winter is coming and there are a lot of new developed shoes on the market. We made the following top 5: 5) Faas Read More