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    The top tennis players and their shoes!

    The world’s top 5 players are competing on the highest level and to do this they need the best materials available. The shoes that they wear will ensure a longer durability and will provide the players with the most comfortable fit for their long lasting games. It’s not only the players who are competing to Read More


    The origin of the Adizero 99 grams

    The evolution of the Adidas football shoes! Adi Dassler, founder of Adidas, developed his first pair of shoes in 1925. And who would have known at that time that there would follow such a remarkable evolution till today. We summarized the most important developments over time, and found out that if Mister Walcott would wear Read More


    CrossFit brands 2015

    Crossfit is becoming the base for most people’s training routines. Crossfit offers a wide variety in training exercises and whatever the activity, it is important to wear the right type of shoe. Court shoes are heavy-soled and are not as light as a cross-training shoe. It is important to understand the difference and find a Read More